You will find the answer from the lists below for most of the common issues you might encounter.
We will provide additional answers if you let us know of any unsolved issues that are not addressed below.

1. Is Allinpdf safe to use? Does Allinpdf use the files I upload for any purposes other than the service functions I use?

We do all we can for the service in safe and secure.
Though some web pages have not a secure connection, the uploading file has a connection only through the SSL-based security.
Uploaded files will be deleted right after the converting is done, and all the converted files will also be deleted in a half-hour after processing.
Converted files are kept from deleting for downloading in a half-hour.
The server will not keep the user data and it will be deleted for good. No person or method has the way to open, copy, share and analysis for the user data.
You don't need to email me for the request for deletion of your uploaded files, cause the system has no more user data and logs for your requesting.

2. I can't find the file.

Converted files are deleted automatically by the system in a half-hour after conversion.
So, nothing's to be found.

3. The conversion failed. It takes too long.

It occurs by mostly two type of issue.
a. User data has unsupported file type or abnormal data states.
b. Default server work processing time is 3 minutes. In times of busy for heavy processing, you might get the error.

4. The result is not the same as the original document.

Sometimes it gives you a quality issue as not like as the original document has.
In the case of MS Office file, you may find a solution the link below :

5. A font issue on converting MS Office file to PDF.

If you have a problem while converting MS Office file to PDF, it is going to be a font issue.
The problem is caused by the server has not the font that the original file has.In this case, the service will change the font with the default font from the server.
So the result may not the same as your expectation.
You should save the original file with the option "Font Embedded" and reupload it.

6. I have exceeded the maximum number of attempts. What should I do?

To prevent for an excessive using the service, Allinpdf has the using limitation by 20 times per an hour.
This condition could be changed.

7. I'd like to know the supported file formats.

Allinpdf supports about 74 types of file format.
See the menu "Support" for more details.

8. Are all Allinpdf services free?

Yes. it's free.
I will keep Allinpdf service free until I can do.
If you are for my effort and find a supported way, see the menu "Donation" for details.